The Beginning of the End

Understanding God and Understanding What God Expects


For those who believe in God with all of their hearts so deeply that the things of this world other than the simple life of only survival have no meaning ----- It’s because their only priority is being fully devoted to who created them while being on the only life sustaining planet in the midst of an eternal universe that has become their temporary home as a place of training to become a part of the government of God that will spread throughout the eternal universe that was created to be inhabited. . . .


Therefore their lives just become a life of many thorns as Paul had which was the buffeting from Satan that God allowed just to see his faith through obedience no matter what the storms of life may be just as was done to Job along with the hardships and sufferings of all men of God through history; and now we have reached the times of the end; and because God has never changed, neither have the circumstances of what men of God shall have to endure to earn a position within the government of God that will rule His kingdom forever with no more of what man and the human race has made life into for billions.


So why the tough life’s for the few chosen and why so many full and wealthy lives’s for those in the world who don’t even believe in God? What about all of the great sufferings for those who do worship and those who do go to church and those who do believe? What about the sufferings of humanity that have always been?


Because Satan is the god of this world with more powers of darkness than most all genuinely acknowledge just as they don’t acknowledge God’s warnings of what to believe and what’s false, what to do and how to live when all just believe and live as they choose with a false security that has been implanted so deep within their minds that only God can reveal truths to them, but unless their hearts are pure when they ask God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, He will not supply what they ask for because they ask and desire amiss and for the wrong reasons that only God’s Spirit can give you the understanding of. Would you truly like understanding?  Than follow His instructions by eliminating the false teachings of man through their doctrines that God warns you of because they make His word of none effect.


1)      Men who have been chosen and called according to the words of Christ our Lord in John 15:19 have been put into a position where they must overcome the god of this world through a continual non-stop self examination ----- because the closer we strive to walk with God the more temptations of darkness through our minds that the prince and power of the air places within us; and when we resist he flees --- but always returns trying to catch us off guard. The greatest battle a person will ever face spiritually is fighting the devil, therefore those who do twenty four hours each day while always finding faults within themselves to overcome are the few of this world within God’s small flock of firstfruits who will be in the first resurrection to reign with Christ because they have overcome the wicked one as He did.

 So what’s the point of this education?

Why would God resurrect any who could not overcome because they had not the faith, wisdom, knowledge or understanding from the Spirit of God because they have been deceived and led by the spirit of error?  It is only those who totally overcome the devil while he is present that can qualify to become as priests, kings and teachers or whatever their calling may be according to their spiritual gifts because they have shown God their faith that without it is impossible to please Him as written in Hebrews 11:6. During the millennium Satan will have been removed, therefore all those who must be properly taught will be able to accept truths because their will be no false spirit to deceive them and the teachers will have learned all they know directly from God through faith with obedience which makes them worthy.


2)      There have always been people who knew not God and there always will be until the kingdom of God that shall be eternal and never fall as the kingdoms of man always have. Those who are the wealthiest will suffer greatly because they shall lose everything and go from the light into the darkness with absolutely no knowledge or understanding of what has happened. There are words of God through Isaiah in 3:16-26 that describe what it will be like for women who now have much that will have nothing in great tribulation---and the words of God require spiritual understanding; or just as all who have been deceived you will just redirect His words to you somewhere else.


3)      What about all those who go to church, worship God, sing hymns, pay tithes and love our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father God? God’s own answers to that question are all through His words from Genesis to Revelation; and for me to tell any the truths of God by proving all things through what His own words say would all be in vain because when one has been deceived only God can tell them in ways they will hear. Proverbs 1:22-33 gives perfect warning, but most all seek a sign such as a major catastrophes; and soon they will be everywhere and spread through the coming years, but for all who then believe what His words of truth tell all who seek it will be to late, and God will not hear your cries just as written in thy word is truth. It is only those who have ears to hear now with faith in God to depart from a crumbling nation that will close its borders when catastrophe strikes.


4)      What about all of the sufferings of children? What about all of the sufferings of victims of rape and murders? What about the billions in poverty? Its only those who can see things past, now and to come from God’s spiritual point of view that some understanding of reality can be had to bring the inner peace that is greatly needed----Because the more an individual cares about others, and the more they learn from research, the more sorrows they become familiar with that just become so real that without God's spiritual strength the knowledge could not be handled with control. You research child rapes and murders, tortures, diseases, starvation, the worlds worst prison conditions and just any horrors of sadness that your mind can come up with----then place yourself and your children as the victims and see just how well you can deal with it because the darkness is coming with no place to run and hide. There have always been many sufferings since the begining that only those who live with God's Spirit can understand the why's of that require many words of scripture with a spiritual mind set on things above to absorb with understanding. 


There also have always been great kingdoms of man that were put into place by God through His allowance, and they have always fallen ever since the beginning; and today is no different as the great kingdom of the United States of America that has been poorly built on a crumbling foundation is getting ready to fall into the worst time of trouble that has ever been known as the beginning of sorrows that will lead into the great tribulation which will be followed by the wrath of God upon this whole planet.


What you must first understand is that God is everything; and that man without God is as nothing; and the only way for any human being to have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding is if they seek it directly from the only source who is God----Because man cannot give you what only God can supply as written within the scriptures of thy word is truth that the prince and power of the air hides from all through religious deception as a professional counterfeiter who is very good at what he does.

Only those who come to realize just how difficult and just how much efforts that is required to overcome will gain success. Picture a normal day in your life from when you first awake until you go to bed and sleep. 

Now ask yourself exactly where God was in your life and what you did to please Him and not yourself.  Was your day one of seeing all people everywhere as individuals who we are to love, never judge and know that their improper ways are not even their own fault? The greatest battle an overcomer faces is loving all; and the reason it is so very hard to love in truth with forgivness while never judging is beacuse the devil is nothing but pure hate that he distributes to all that love our Lord because hate makes hypocrites which gives Satan his victory when their is no love that God requires for any to receive the blessings for the tree of life. John 13:34 is the commandment with the blessings for doing God;s commandments in Revelation 22:14, so what if you do not do His commandments? No blessings; and as many times as I have shared God's truth with this world of religion, there is no love to be found because the religions of man know not love because Satan has no love with his spirit that deceives.